Achievement First-Bushwick Charter School

District: CSD 32
Authorizer: SUNY
Partner Organization: Achievement First

The primary pillar of all Achievement First schools, and one pursued with missionary-like zeal, is to provide a rigorous academic environment in which all students achieve excellence. Excuses will not be tolerated. Mediocrity will not be good enough. Achievement First schools will ensure that its students gain the critical skills and knowledge to enter and excel in college and the competitive world beyond.

Achievement First's academic program puts all students on a college preparatory track, starting with kindergarten. For students who are behind, instruction is designed to build the necessary skills to reach grade level quickly. For students at or above grade level, the curriculum rapidly accelerates the learning of students. Reading, writing, and math form the core of the program for all grades. Daily, all students have two to three hours of reading, one hour of writing, and one hour of math.



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