Ark Community Charter School, The

District: Troy City
Authorizer: SUNY
The Ark Community Charter School (ACCS) follows a long tradition of progressive education that holds the child at the center of the educational process. ACCS staff knows there are different ways in which individuals learn and as a result create an environment that is personalized for each student. ACCS is an intentionally small community where class size ranges from 18-22 students with a teacher and teacher's assistant. The academic program, which meets or exceeds all New York State standards, is theme-based with an emphasis on reading and mathematics. Students are part of a learning community where they work collaboratively with their classmates and other members of the community. ACCS employs highly qualified, certified teachers who are committed to the school's mission and philosophy and have a strong desire to work with an urban population. At ACCS, families are respected collaborators in the educational process. Staff listens carefully to families and requires their active collaboration in tailoring an effective educational plan for their children. ACCS provides an open-door policy for parents/guardians, who have representation on the ACCS Board of Trustees.



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